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About Us


We have achieved recognition, providing quality services and compliance in upholstery and embellishment of motorcycles, motor; aircraft commercial and executive, through compliance with customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements for our services and products.


“With competent personnel we will be able to expand our business, to achieve international recognition with the provision of comprehensive products and services for improvement in the air, naval and motor sectors “.

About Us

We are a company that has professional and qualified personnel dedicated to providing aesthetic maintenance services for aircraft, offering warranty and reliability; We work for commercial, executive and military aviation. Regulated with the norm FAR 25-853

Interior maintenance

  • Inspection and subsequent dismantling of the parts or areas to be worked
  • Upholstery of seats, and upholstery of side or partition panels
  • Supplies: carpet, thermoformed plastic parts for the interior.
  • Manufacture of noise suppressors.
  • Manufacture of overnight kit for motors, antennas or static ports

Interior and exterior cleaning

(Our company knows the importance and sensitivity of this activity in particular, which is why we only use certified materials and qualified personnel.)

  • Interior cleaning with certified products for aeronautical use.
    • Crew cabin
    • Lavatories
    • Galleys
    • Vinyl floors (PANFLOOR)
  • Spotting and cleaning of:
    • Tables, panels and doors
    • Bines: Interior covers
    • Dry carpet
      • Dry (exterior) washing with certified products
      • Advertising and manufacturing of interior labels

The materials used to manufacture our products are 100% certified with the FAR 25-853 standard

  • Leathers
  • Vinyl records
  • Cloths
  • Foams all measures and thicknesses
  • Velcros
  • AMSAFE brand belts supplies or certified ropes change
  • Floors, vinyl floors (panfloor)